This is how Stena Aluminium handles the Corona virus



Stena Aluminium continuously monitors the development of the Coronavirus, both internationally and nationally, and follows recommendations and guidelines from relevant authorities.

Our customers and employees are our highest priority and we have a dedicated crisis group monitoring the development closely and working closely with our Group Management team. The overall objective is for us to maintain a high service level to our customers.

  • In the current situation we avoid business trips both abroad and domestic. We promote and prioritize the use of alternative ways of meeting such as online meetings, phone etc
  • Employees who have been abroad should stay at home / work at home for at least two weeks.
  • Consultants, contractors and suppliers who have been abroad cannot perform work within the framework of Stena Aluminium's operations for at least two weeks.
  • We are restictive with study visits.
  • We are restrictive in attending conferences and events.
  • Employees who feel sick should stay at home and be symptom-free for 48 hours before returning to the workplace.
  • Furthermore, general advice has been communicated as being careful with hand hygiene, sneezing in the arm fold and avoiding touching the mouth, nose and eyes. We also avoid shaking hands, hugging etc.
  • We stimulate our employees to use common sense and take responsibility.

For more information please contact Johan Thunholm, CEO Stena Aluminium,

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